Skin Rashes on Hands

Skin rashes on hands are very common. Many times they are caused by nothing more than dry skin caused by close contact with harsh chemicals day after day. In some cases the skin rashes on hands can be a little bit more serious but are almost always due to dry skin. One of the places that is most prone to dry skin is the hands. Because of this there are often a lot of skin rashes on hands that are very irritable and itchy. Usually all it takes is a good moisturizing hand lotion such as Lubriderm or something of that nature but in some cases skin rashes on hands must be treated by a doctor. If the rash is caused by something other than washing dishes or cleaning solvents then another type of treatment may be necessary. If the issue is psoriasis or something similar then the treatment will have to fit the disorder. Most of the time gloves can be worn if the condition is contagious. In fact even if the skin rash on the hands is not contagious keeping a pair of gloves on may help to clear it up quicker.

Because there is such a wide variety of rashes that can appear on hands from impetigo to ringworm and everything in between,there is no way to self diagnose them. It is always best to assume the worst and play it safe. See a doctor and let him or her tell you what your issue is. This is always better than trying to assume you have the answers to the question based on something you have seen or read on the internet. A skin rash can go bad very quickly if left untreated,depending on the cause. Even if you think that what you have is harmless and that a little benadryl cream will clear it up,it is always best to seek some kind of medical advice if your rash does not clear up on its own in a reasonable amount of time,that being about 24 hours. If after this period of time you notice the skin rash is still present then you should definitely put in a call to your doctor and ask his/her advice. There is no substitute for proper medical care and this is an important thing to remember when anything at all goes wrong. When it comes to something as important as your hands it is even more vital to be sure you get your issues treated as it could be contagious and your hands come in contact with everything.