Skin Rashes on Face

Your face is the first thing people see when they come in contact with you. Because of this it is even more disturbing when you wind up with some kind of skin rashes on face. There are some skin rashes on face such as that can develop really quickly and go away just as quickly. However,there are some skin rashes on face that are associated with more serious conditions such as rosacea. This is a chronic condition that mainly affects women between the ages of 30 and 50. It can also affect men and while this is rare it is usually much worse when found in men. The symptoms of rosacea are flushing of the face,acne like sores,redness on cheeks that does not seem to go away and a higher number of spider veins located on the face. While there is no direct cure for rosacea there are a few things that will help to minimize the symptoms. Among the most important things a person with rosacea can do is avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun. Along with this,limiting the amount of spicy foods you eat can also help. There seems to be a direct link between eating spicy foods and the onset of rosacea symptoms.

Other rashes such as prickly heat,otherwise called heat rash can also occur on the face in hot climates. Usually this occurs when there is a high incidence of sweating. This type of rash is most common in children who play outside or athletes who spend time outdoors but can affect anyone who is living in a hot or tropical climate. Many times this type of rash affects people who are slightly overweight as their legs seem to rub together as they walk. If they are wearing shorts and they are experiencing skin to skin contact they can easily develop an uncomfortable heat rash between their legs. If this presents itself as skin rashes on face then it usually is not as much of a problem as it is when the rash appears in places that are not exposed to air. Fortunately,the areas of the body that are exposed to air can heal much more quickly as they will not be kept damp. Usually,using some kind of cream that contains cortisone is the best method of treatment. In most cases,your doctor will either give you a cream that is prescription strength or advise you to use one that is purchased over the counter. In either case,they will normally help to clear up the issue right away.